War robots are a popular action mobile game among kids and adult players. The game was launched in 2017 by Pixonic developers. For having dynamics graphics and shooting action gameplay the game is played by so many players from worldwide. War robots are one of the biggest shooting game, and having amazing design and graphics of robots makes it more interesting. The game contains currency, but it takes lots of efforts and matches to play, but War robot hack is an easy way to earn rewards.


War robots game is all about shooting between player to player and missionary. Player Vs Player is one of the major mode of the game. Mostly all around the globe, players play PvP mode. The game is a strategy based game, so if every player needs to play it with the mindset and combination of suitable type of robots. Every robot has special tricks and surprises attack, so players mostly avoid close combat attacks.

The game contains many features read below to know them –

There are more than 50 robots in the game, and every robot has special powers and style they can use.  Any player can customize their robots and add more weapons to shoot like- ballistic missiles, plasma cannons and giant shotguns. All these weapons can be customized and update as per player requirement.

Higher attribute point robots dealt with greater damage to rivals enemy robots and can take extra damage in defense. While making customization in robots, players can do any kind of update they want. It just takes the game currency to update them. If you are low on cash, you can add by real money or can try War robot hack to earn more currency.

However, the gaming concept is still way better than so many shooting games.