The choices stories you play is a quite popular game where the people love the stories, fact and the plot twists and they can also follow their own path in this game. The players can also choose their own characters like what story to follow, how they should be and how the story is leaded in the exciting manner. However with all these excitements you may forget that this is actually a freemium game where the player can buy the various sources and items in the games store with the help of their real cash

In which the player is not only going to play with the limitless keys and diamonds of the choices Cheats you play but also the player need to improve their skills in this game to reach the next stage.  The player will be finding a bit of difficult because many items are quite costly to purchase such as like diamonds so, the player have to make their own progress through the game so it will be bit smoother for him/her to play the game.

Useful tips and tricks to keep the player close to the game

The following tips are mostly designed to help the beginners who might feel overwhelming by their complexity of the game but the experienced players can also use these tips and tricks while playing the choices stories you play game. The following are the 4 useful tricks and tips that can be helpful for the beginners to understand how to earn some powerups in the game. They are.

·         Learn how to earn the diamonds – The diamond is the main currency in the game but there are also keys available so in order to move through the chapters of the game first you need to spend your time in earning the unlimited keys and diamonds of the choices stories you play game. To earn this resource the player need to complete his/her chapter so the best way is to increase the player’s fortune to play the game and read much more about things about earning diamonds.

·         Become the key master – As mentioned above the diamonds and keys are the main resources of the choices stories you play game which is very much useful for your progress in the game. The players use the keys for starting the new chapter in the game and also for unlocking any item the players need to give away the key where it may seem simple enough but it runs eventually.

·         No replays – The choices stories you play will not let you to rerun the chapters present in the game once again so if you have played thee chapters poorly then you have the option to change the records just by restarting the choices stories you play game from the start.  But make sure that you are not erase the stage level and you won’t pick up where you have left it and for restarting the game you need to just hit the restart button.

·         Moving between stories – The cool part of the game is that the player can move between the stories very easily where this means they also can read and play the stories in the any order they wish without being influenced with their progress that they have made. To switch between the stories the players has to just tap on the home screen. Once the player reaches the home screen they he may select another story to explore.

The above tips and tricks will help the players most because through this tips they can have the good progress in the choice stories you play game.