How to Learn About Top Eleven in Only 10 Days

Top eleven: Soccer Manager is also known as Top Eleven 18 for now. The developers of this game, Nordeus has published this new version of this game this year. This is a quite impressive game than another version of this same series and you’ll find this game better than other games in the market. All you got to do to win this game is to manage your team and players and compete with your team against other managers all around the world. Once again you have a chance to build up your team from the scratch and this will come with more interesting factors including competing with other real-life managers like you.

There will be problems that you’ve to face in order to master this game and competing against other managers can give you a hard time playing this game. In order to let you play with much ease by getting top eleven 2018 hack, we’ve come up with this guide for you all players out there. So let’s get started –

1. Commitment to your team

When you’re given something to manage then you shouldn’t be taking chances of leaving it for a day or so, same is with this game that makes you bound with the whole gameplay. You shouldn’t be leaving your players and team for more than a day as it can decrease a lot in your performance and you have to suffer the circumstances. Unlike other games this game let you play easily and effectively because you’re given a certain time of the day in which you can play and for playing extra you’ve to pay. So you shouldn’t be missing any chances to play every day and make your chances to win from other team managers.

There are certain consequences of leaving your team and in case you’ve haven’t played even for one fine day. Then all your players will be diminished and some of them will be injured. All of your line up will be mixed up and then you’ve to manually adjust your line up according to their form and health. Your most of the sponsorships will expire and you again have to start from the scratch and build up your team.

2. Play in the transfer Market

As the name suggests then you’ll be able to transfer your players in the market and this is again a very helpful feature to easily get a better player. You’ve to be smart enough in order to buy better players at best price. If you’ve gone through tutorial then you may notice buying a better player in fewer bids which makes your team much stronger than ever and it will increase your chances and perform better. You shouldn’t be sitting right there after the first player. Instead, you should earn more coins and tokens and this will be used in buying new players from the transfer market.

While you’re going to make a bid, keep an eye on your need and you need to know about the attributes you’re looking for. There are many players in the transfer market to choose from and once you’ve bid on the most trending player then you’ll see your bid changing into the auction and it will change in just minutes which will remain for much of the time in the market.

This transfer will seem to be incomplete if you’re not able to sell your players. But it is possible in this game as a transfer market it has to be in this gameplay which lets you sell your player to others. This can be helpful as if you have a lot of old players which are no use in your line up. Make the best line up by choosing and bidding the best players out if the whole market.

So what’s the Final Verdict?

The final thing that you should know about this game is to keep calm and keep your body relaxed. This is a strategical game where you’ve to use your mind, so try the game. In order to let you play with ease, we’ve come up with this guide for you all which can help you do so. I hope you found this guide helpful. Stay tuned for more such stuff.