There are a huge number of social media sites available in society. The reason behind this is many people are getting socially strong with time. Most of you will be unaware of the fact that more than 100 million people all around the world joined social media sites last year. This is fascinating and mind-blowing that a huge number of people started using Facebook.

If you are using social media sites like Facebook, then you must know the reason behind this huge demand. There are many different-different features that the user will get by using Facebook. One of the features most of the people need is can you see who views your Facebook. It would be amazing to know who viewed your profile. Some of the interesting features of Facebook are as follow.

  • Customizing the news feed

One of the finest things about Facebook is that the user can easily customize news feed. There are many people who have posted many things on which the user is tagged. So it is upon the user to make sure that which post he needs to show on his profile. Along with this, you can also hide the one that you do not want other people to see on your profile. This can be helpful for making the profile look the best and according to your requirements.

  • Facebook history

Another important feature of Facebook is that the user can easily see the history he had on the same day last year. It is really interesting as Facebook is keeping track of your activities. Along with this, it will be really helpful or you to relive the movements you had last year. It is one of the fascinating features that Facebook offers.

  • Messenger

One of the main features of Facebook is the messenger. It is really good as the user can easily talk and even do a video call with his friends. This will be really helpful in making a connection and keep it with friends. So make sure that you try out the messenger and enjoy this feature.