Bricks n Balls is a fantastic game which is easily accessible on the Android platform and one can easily play it either on their smartphone or on their tablet. The game is very simple and easy to play as one had to shoot or throw the ball on the bricks to remove them. But that you had to do by applying different modes and sources. There are many forms of level and mode you had to clear to move further in the entire game. You can take all the guides and tips from the Brick n Balls Cheats to place best rank in the series. Basically the vital three levels and modes of the game are:

  • Classic level
  • 100 ball level/ challenge
  • Campaign level

Know about the 100 ball level or mode

In simple words, the challenge is based on one shot. What do you understood from this? Is it perplexed? It suggest that you had to attempt the shot for only one time in respect to the 100 balls which were lying in a sequence. After that you had to watch that how many balls will finally hit the bricks and how your level gets end.

Easy to receive the points from 100 ball mode

You will get the points as long as the bricks will knock down from the balls. In the final level, your points which you get from the starting to end is counted and added on the bonus bar and on behalf of your performance you will be rewarded. You get lot of rubies if you will successful in achieving number of goals and one will be able to earn power ups which will used by the player later in one way or the other. Maximum amount of rubies which you will gain from the above game mode is around 150 which is very much high to gain victory in the entire game.