In recent time we are active on the internet for many activities. The internet is a collection of many kinds of different applications and FaceApp- AI Face Editor is one of them. Millions of people are active on for fun. By the use of it, we can transform our bad quality pictures into beautiful. The app is best for online social life, and the users will show off with it. It is based on photography, and various kind of editing filters are for time pass. The app is full of entertainment, and by it, we can also share our picture with friends. For more fun, you can unlock the FaceApp pro and add more things in your editing phase. Perfect beginning makes us best in it, and this article is beneficial for some newcomers of it. 

Capture & install

The users have to read about some kinds of prime requirements. Anyone can easily download it by the android store or official website. It is open for all the users, and after downloading it, you need to install properly.  Go to app permission settings and allow for media access.

Register with proper details

For using it, we need a proper account, and for it, we should enter the correct information. You can also use some other social media account to login because it saves your sign up time.

Learn and read about uses 

Learning is best to solve any problem in the app and in which many demos are showing. It is beneficial for understanding how to apply filters on pictures. For more details, you can also connect our support center.